The Gahanna Ages and Abilities Partnership (GAAP)

The Gahanna Ages and Abilities Partnership (GAAP)

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The Gahanna Ages and Abilities Partnership (GAAP) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt faith-based nonprofit organization focused on addressing relational needs in the community. We support and develop inclusive programs involving social, educational, recreational, cultural, and spiritual activities targeting particular age groups.  

Our main office at 254 Agler Rd in Gahanna also serves as the home of two.fifty.four, a new community youth center. 

GAAP is a faith based organization, but our services are never limited to members of any specific religious group. You’ll see that our programs are not generally “religious” in nature, but we hope you’ll see abounding love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, tolerance, encouragement, and all sorts of other good things in everything we do. 

Partnering to bridge relational gaps for people of all ages and abilities.

We all have needs, and we’re all uniquely gifted in ways that can help meet the needs of others. GAAP looks for ways to make connections that address these relational “gaps” across the full range of potential interactions in our community: social, cultural, educational, spiritual, vocational, recreational, and so on. We pay particular attention to the opportunities presented by differences in age and ability.

While these connections can and do occur anywhere, many of GAAP’s programs take place at the community youth center, two.fifty.four.

What follows is a sample of our vision for Gahanna and the surrounding communities. What would you add to the list? We’ve provided a space for you to do that below. We imagine a community where…

  • Everyone is developing healthy, loving, and meaningful relationships with peers, family, and teachers or staff through a variety of age and ability-appropriate social, educational, recreational, cultural, and spiritual activities.
  • Learning is joyful, and barriers to experiencing that joy are eliminated. There are many opportunities for adults and older students to be matched with younger students in tutoring and mentoring relationships to boost confidence and share knowledge. Diverse learning styles are identified, celebrated, and addressed with optimal teaching methods.
  • Every middle and high school student is given the opportunity to call a church youth group their own, and those groups are meaningfully present at the times of greatest need.
  • Worship services are provided for groups with special needs, ensuring everyone is given the opportunity to worship in a way that resonates with their soul.
  • Everyone discovers their unique gifts and talents and are given opportunities to use them at home, work, church, and in the community.
  • Diversity is cherished and inclusive activities abound.

A group of Gahanna residents, originally connected through the ministries of the former Good Samaritan Reformed Church (“Good Sam”), began dreaming of creating a community center several years before Good Sam closed in 2014.

In January of 2015, The Gahanna Ages and Abilities Partnership (GAAP) was formed with the mission of supporting and creating opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to experience life to the fullest, with a particular focus on relational wholeness.

In September of 2015, GAAP purchased the property at 254 Agler Rd in Gahanna with the intent of opening a community youth center soon after. Though it took much longer than anticipated, the center, called two.fifty.four, finally opened three years later, in September of 2018.    

In line with its broader Mission, GAAP actively supports the Me and My Friends program for adults with developmental disabilities.  This ministry was begun over 30 years ago by Harvey Mast, then on staff at Good Sam, and now operates out of New Life Church.

Harold and Melanie Oyster
Sharon Wright
St. Luke Youth Group
Ralph and Carolyn DeJong
Bob and Nadine Weishaar
Tom Gillotte
Meredith Mendoza
Scott Ermlich
Dan and Stephanie Tjoelker

Emily Weishaar
Alyssa Weishaar
Ken and Dodie Garrett
Mark and Corrina Hyde
Michele Jones
Mike Brunner
Bill and Maggie Hyde
Bob and Robin Weishaar Harold

Many more have helped! Please contact us to give us permission to display your support for our program!