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Analytics opportunities to equip students for the future and deliver value to the community.

RISE Analytics is looking for partners and program ideas to help establish a student-centered analytics initiative.  Participating students will be equipped with marketable analytical capabilities, and organizations (small businesses, schools, churches, sports teams, nonprofits, etc.) will be supported in meeting growth, profit, and community impact goals.


  • Analytics is the use of data, math, statistics, and computer science to improve decision making.

  • RISE Analytics is seeking to connect students and community organizations to help meet the increasing demand for analytics talent. Today, analytics are being leveraged to enable better decisions in all areas of life, and the future looks bright for students and organizations that develop and employ these skills.

RISE is in need of partners to make this initiative successful:

  • Students, who can provide insight into the types of programs they would find most engaging.

  • Parents and teachers, with whom we can partner to help equip their students for the future.

  • Coaches and small business owners, who can provide examples of real world challenges to students and also benefit from the resulting insights.

  • Large corporations who can provide volunteers, host interns, and introduce students to established analytics programs.

  • Undergraduate programs seeking to attract students into analytics related majors.

  • Graduate programs and students seeking to develop and experiment with new techniques for use in grades K-12.

  • Local educators and analytics practitioners to train and mentor students and support the use of technology.

Our intent is to try a variety of programs from which we can learn and grow.  Some key considerations include:

  • Engagement of students at risk of not completing high school or not currently considering college.

  • Engagement of student groups not historically attracted to analytics-related fields, with an emphasis on increasing diversity across gender, race, and learning abilities.

  • Engagement of high-performing students who have outpaced school offerings.

  • Use of athletic programs as rich sources of data and opportunities to engage a variety of students.

  • Introduction of students to career paths, highlighting insurance and banking as local heavy users of analytics, while also showcasing the breadth of applications in sports, health sciences, charitable organizations, and government agencies.

  • Introduction to the breadth of needed analytics skills: relational (communication and presentation); technical (computers and mobile technology); and theoretical (mathematical and statistical modeling).

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