Challenge # 1: Restaurant data insights and applications

Students are invited to go online, collect data, and prepare a presentation on local restaurants. Two $100 prizes (paid in gift cards) will be awarded: one for the submission with the highest quality data and another for the best presentation of resulting insights and applications. Five random presenters will also be selected to receive one $20 gift card each. Individuals and teams of high school students are welcome to participate. Submissions will be judged by a panel of GAAP volunteers and based on the following criteria:

Data (We’d recommend a simple spreadsheet with one restaurant per row and columns for each piece of information you collect.)

  • Completeness: Are most of the restaurants within Gahanna city limits included? (This should include ice cream and other “snack” shops, but not gas stations or grocery stores that happen to also serve food.)

  • Depth: Does the data set include a wide variety of data elements? (Include anything you can find that might be useful: store hours, website, social media links, annual sales, number of employees, “type” of food, year founded, average customer review scores, occupancy, square footage, accessibility, health code violations, location, availability of delivery, party room, etc.… be creative!)

  • Accuracy: Has any effort been made to confirm the data, for example by checking for multiple sources of the same information?

  • Organization: How useful is the data for analyzing and producing reports?

Presentation (This can be as short or long as you like.)

  • Quality of visual presentation materials (we’ll have a computer and TV screen available for presentations).

  • Quality of verbal presentation.

  • Insights and potential applications of the data: How might different users take advantage of this data? (Residents, city officials, restaurants, tourists, businesses that serve restaurants, etc.) 

Presentations will be scheduled at two.fifty.four once we’ve had 10 individuals or teams register. You’re welcome to stop by two.fifty.four whenever we’re open if you’d like to get feedback on the project. You can also contact us with questions.

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