The future looks bright for students who develop the math and computer skills necessary to solve challenging business problems. RISE Analytics, a program operating out of two.fifty.four (Gahanna’s new community youth center), is working to equip interested students in Gahanna and the surrounding communities with these skills. Please join us!

Students: Gain valuable skills by participating in our data and analytics challenges. Our intent is that you’ll get exposed to interesting career options, be better prepared for college, earn an occasional gift card, and have some fun along the way. Over time, we hope to provide scholarships, connect you with internships, and assist with job placement. As we grow, local small businesses and other organizations will benefit from the insights you derive and large employers will benefit from a new pipeline of analytics talent. Visit our Compete page to get started.

Parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, business owners, employers, and volunteers: Check out our Partner page for more information.